Need Spa Treatment

Who Actually Need Spa Treatment?

Spa treatment, as already explained in many literatures was a series of treatments including massage, hot water bathing, scrubbing and some other relaxing treatment. Almost every people need relaxation during their daily activities, starting from babies until the elder. Nowadays not only human that is able to get the spa treatment, along with the increase of economic stability and ability people tend to have the best and give the best. Animals are the other spa consumer besides human.

Spa for people were innovated since the first spa treatment during the Greek and Roman Empire, there are many kind of spa treatment nowadays with many ingredients and mixing composition based on what our body need. We can find milk spa, chocolate spa, even gold spa in many salon and luxurious spa places. So, who actually need spa?

1. Infant
Babies or infant needs massage during their growth to stimulating the increase of weight, and stimulating the skeleton growth. Babies were sometimes have a hard time to sleep or crying all the time without any explicit reason. This situation often frustrating the parents because they don’t know what is wrong with their baby and they don’t know what to do. The spa treatment, massage in this case, will be able to reduce the ailment and weariness that our baby feels during the teething period, and help them to sleep well. It is all because they feel comfortable, and the growth period will be in optimal phase.

Massaging your baby will also help with parent-child bonding and make your children closer to the parents, easily controlled, calm and grow as smart children. The massage therapies show them the affection of the parents and help them to feel cared and secured.

For the older infant over 6 months old, the spa therapy is not only focused in massage but also baby float. The baby float treatment use a small pool and floating our baby for few minutes. This treatment helps the blood circulation and digestion better. By doing this treatment, we recognize our baby with water early which will eliminate the water phobia possibility in the future.

2. Women
Many activities become women’s responsibility, from house chores to the office jobs for the career women. These duties will give a lot or pressure and make the strained easily and getting worst when it comes up with children. Women on her pregnancy really needs a spa treatment, carrying 4 kilograms of baby and gain over 15 kilograms of weight will cause many problems. The aching back, swollen ankles and feet, and sleeping problems will occur during pregnancy. The spa treatment will help smoothen the blood circulation, reduce the back sore, and also minimize the size of the swollen feet and ankles. The relaxation treatment with breathing relaxation may also help birth process, some mother say that water birth and yoga treatment were helpful to reduce the pain during baby delivering process.
During the PMS period, women will experience the mood swing, pain in the whole of their body and some other sore symptoms that is bothersome. The magical massage and whirlpool treatment during spa will successfully reduce the pain and boost the mood to continue your day.

3. Men
Spa for men, for some people it seems gross or kind of girly thing. Actually do you know how many men athletes that get the advantages from massage treatment and relaxing spa package treatment? Becoming athlete is one of the professions that force your body to the limit. Some of the athlete experienced cramps, sprained ankle or joint and many other muscle problems because of their trainings. The spa treatment will help reduce their pain, heal the aching joint and muscle, and speed the recovery. This is why we can see from the previous Olympic Game that the athletes get their spa day to give them relaxation before the big game day.

Men with regular activity also had their problem that needs to take care at spa. Besides getting massage to relax their muscles, men usually take care of their foot odor problem at spa.

4. Animal
The animal spa treatment was booming since a few years ago. To earn the best meat from a cow, farmer treats the cow well with massage and best food treat. Different with treatment for cow, dogs need spa treatment to relaxing their body and give them comfortable feelings. These feelings make them obedient, barely barking and calmer.
So, what are you waiting for? Go relaxing and coddle your body, because spa is for everybody.

Featured Images taken from yspa[dot]co[dot]uk