Various Type of Home Spa

Various Type of Home Spa

There is various type of Home Spa, Home Spa Lavender, Home Spa Tangerine, Home Spa Eucalyptus, Home Spa Pink Grapefruit etc.

Home Spa Lavender
According to an article by the University of Maryland Medical Center, a number of studies have shown that lavender aromatherapy oil boosts the mood and can treat insomnia by relaxing the nervous system. It also benefits people with autoimmune diseases like alopecia, stressed persons, and those who have just undergone surgery. The article also notes that lavender is used in “inhalation therapy” for treating headaches, nervous disorders, and physical stress. Another study, noted the University, found the effectiveness of lavender vapors for pain control among patients up for breast biopsy surgery.

Home Spa Tangerine
The sweet, orangy scent of tangerine works well in reducing anxiety and stress, according to the Fibromyalgia Treatment website. The scent of tangerine also comes in handy apparently when you’re stressing out about a dental appointment. A study done by the University Clinic of Neurology, Medical University of Vienna, Austria has proven that orange scents and lavender scents can reduce anxiety and boost the mood of patients waiting for their turn at their dentist’s clinic. Tangerine aromatherapy oils are also one of the safest essential oils that pregnant women can use, according to the book Aromatherapy: A Complete Guide to the Healing Art by Kathi Keville and Mindy Green.

Home Spa Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus has long been known as an agent for pain relief. Its soothing scent cools down fatigued and sore muscles, penetrating deep into them. According to an article penned by American Herb Association Kathi Keville on HowStuffWorks, aromatherapists also use eucalyptus vapors for “clearing the air” literally and figuratively. Its scent is believed to resolve interpersonal disagreements and in calming the senses. Eucalyptus vapors also help in decongesting cloggy nose in the event of a flu. Keville suggests adding three to four drops of eucalyptus oil in your batch to relieve sinus problems and lung congestions.

Home Spa Pink Grapefruit
Just like its citrus sibling tangerine, pink grapefruit soothes stress and anxiety well. Interestingly, the scent of pink grapefruit has been found to stimulate lipolysis (i.e. fat burning) in a study done by Niigata University researchers. This means your body could metabolize fats just by smelling pink grapefruit scent, or other citrus scents for that matter.

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