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Knowing Baby Spa for New Parents

The rising of per capita income and standards of living of a country brings a new era for world health. A lot of people are no longer afraid of surgery , medical treatment for beauty can be done in a spa places that you can meet anywhere without having to go to the hospital . Health problems are seen having a very significant impact lately. Increased public awareness of the health and the emergence of new diseases make the medical world grow rapidly.
Awareness of parents to provide the best for their children is one of the boosters of the development of new innovations in the medical world. This is captured quickly by Sonia Rochel who got the billions of dollar idea while showering in the morning and feel the incredible freshness through the water. Sonia Rochel itself is a nurse in Paris who has several years of observation and reflection for the baby treatment. In order to provide comfort for newborn babies up to the age of 2 months so as to feel comfort in the womb and can grow well.
Bath for new parents is a very important thing to note. Some of the nurse typically exemplifies how to bathe your baby properly. But Sonia managed to modify and develop the idea to produce “Baby Thalasso Spa”. She believes that the baby will provide outstanding response to the water, and therefore she chose the medium of water as a means of therapy. This therapy is usually performed for 10 to 15 minutes with warm water temperatures are maintained and warm room temperature too. It is worth noting that your baby does not shiver and at worst suffered mild hypothermia.
Sonia Rochel’s baby spa treatment is done using sink like in your common bathroom that filled with warm water, followed by massage certain parts of your baby’s body. This step is believed to foster a strong bond between mother and child and can stimulate your baby’s senses to respond to every touch. Right massage in the right place can provide comfort and help children grow faster and healthier. The massage gives a sense of comfort that affect the quality of sleep to be better.
Baby spa treatments can now be found easily in the locations that provide child care services for infants spa. Usually in this baby care spa, your child will be made comfortable by giving a gentle massage with oil or lotion that is good for the skin and there are some spas services that include floating activities that train your baby’s motor sensor by put buy on your baby’s neck to keep the head above the water. If you are not able to perform your own baby spa to your child, you can take advantage of the spa services that are around you. But you need to pay attention to whether the spa service providers are reliable, clean and perform the treatment properly. This is very important because the baby spa that is done carelessly can cause muscle injury to your baby, bruising in certain parts because of wrong technique in massaging, and may cause disease because of the dirty spa tools.

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