Body Spa, Facial Spa and Foot Spa Treatments

Went to the spa for the first time can be a scary thing and may be confusing for some people. For those who are familiar with this kind of thing can be easily determined what treatment do you want that is appropriate for your body. As for your first time visit, the spa may be preoccupied with guessing and ask about the treatments detail and help to choose the best treatment for your body.
Do you want a body spa, face spa or foot spa treatment?
This question can be very confusing because you do not know what treatment package can be found within each option. Does it match the price you pay? Does it match to the needs of your body? The answer can be found after you try it.
This article will help you to know a little bit about what treatment you can get from spa locations such as foot spa, body spa and face spa.
1. Foot Spa
You may find a lot of foot spa treatment around Asian continent. Lots of tourist areas in China and Thailand contained rows of foot spa service providers. Usually they take advantage of the tourists who were exhausted after walking around tourist areas. Feet are became the main pedestal to travel around tourism locations, and therefore many developing foot spa service providers in areas of tourist sites.
Foot spa itself consists of many variations ranging from reflexology therapy that improve blood circulation throughout the body through the nerve points on your feet. There is also a fish therapy that uses small fish to eat the dead skin on your feet. There is also a manicure and pedicure spa services to beautify your feet with luxurious services and more expensive price.
2. Body Spa
Body spa treatments are chosen by most people when getting spa. This treatment set a lot of variation depending on the characteristics of the spa location you visited. Usually customers will be pampered with a massage from the therapists in the whole body by using essential oils with scents that can be soothing. Some exclusive spa locations using herbal ingredients derived from nature, there is also the use of unusual materials such as gold, chocolate, honey and flowers. Spa body is usually equipped with a series of body scrubs, body polish, and soak in the hot tubs to maximize relaxation process in your body and regenerate your skin that becomes softer, fresher and smoother.
Miscellaneous body spa including using vichy shower spa, waxing and hair removal treatments, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and many other variations that you can customize to your needs.
3. Face Spa
The face spa is one of the most popular spa treatments after body spa. In the beginning of this spa treatment stages conducted with consultations with beauty experts on the condition of your skin and the most appropriate treatment you should get. Then proceed with cleansing to cleanse your face from dust and dirt, after that continued with steam to open the pores of your skin so that the dirt that settles in the pores can be easily removed. After deciding the most appropriate care for your face, the esthetician will perform a scrub to remove dead skin cells that have the potential to make dull skin. Facial massage will be done afterwards to relax your face and tighten the skin. Next will be applied mask and serum to help speed up the process of skin regeneration, keeping skin look younger and eliminate wrinkles.
Once you find an explanation of each type of spa, hopefully you will be helped in determining the most appropriate choice of spa for you.