Tips of a Body Scrub At Home

Body scrubs or salt scrubs at the spa are an expensive treatment, but you can give yourself one at home. The purpose of an at-home body scrub is to exfoliate the outermost layers of dead skin cells, revealing softer, younger cells just below. A home body scrub probably won’t be as thorough or pampering as a […]

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Home Spa Room

How to create Own Home Spa Room ?

When installing a spa inside consider the following points: 1. Ventilation: The spa needs ventilation similar to a large shower room. The humidity coming off a spa is quite strong. The jets, aeration, and bubble action can create a lot of humidity. This can be dealt with by installing a humidistat controlled vent, sized to do the […]

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Chocolate in Spa Services

You’re probably wondering why we’d think you need a definition for chocolate—if you’re anything like us, you’re already on intimate terms with the sweet, sweet stuff—but in this case, we’re actually talking about the growing use of chocolate in spas. And not as snacks in the lounge, either: Thanks to studies touting its healing properties, […]

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spa woman relaxing

Anytime can be a Relaxing Moment

Along with the times we can enjoy many conveniences in everything we need. Some of you may actually feel the benefit when the distances, communication, entertainment and even job is within your grasp. But not everyone is aware of this and can get maximum benefits of it. In your job, you often feel depressed because […]

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